About Red Fish Web Solutions

Red Fish Solutions is a privately owned web design and development company, located in beatiful Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, just outside of Vancouver. Co-owner and President Steve Smith has over 15 years experience designing, developing and managing a wide variety websites for clients and his own business interests. You can take a look at the Projects page to view some our work. Red Fish grew out of a need to consolidate all of these various web projects under one development and design shop.

Whats up with Red Fish?

The city we live in is named “Port Coquitlam” (pronounced Ko-Kwit-Lum), which was originally a community of the Sto:Lo first nations, part of the Coast Salish peoples. The word Coquitlam (or Kwikwetlem) translates roughly in English to “red fish up the river”. Every year in late summer and early autumn our local rivers are filled with several species of returning salmon. Those of us who live here love to walk along the rivers and watch these impressive fish fighting their way back up the rivers to the place they were born to spawn a new generation. It is a feat of strength, skill, endurance and sacrifice and one which inspires awe in all that observe this annual occurence. Not only is it an impressive event, it is also a critical part of the local ecosystem.


Sockeye Salmon spawning